Meet our team

Ignacio Ramos-Gutierrez

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

I am PhD student whose research consists in the application of new biogeographical tools over Iberian Flora databases. Previously, I worked on the conservation status of the giant orchid (Himantoglossum robertianum) in Madrid and also on the phylogeography of Nepeta hispanica, a threatened plant of the Iberian Peninsula and Morroco.

Juan Carlos Moreno

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

Senior botanist, mainly working in two research areas, namely, biogeography and conservation of the Flora of the Western Mediterranean, and the interplay between both. My work on conservation is connected with endemic flora which led to work on red list of threatened species and prioritizing areas for conservation.

Rafael Molina-Venegas

Universidad de Alcala

My research focuses on the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms that jointly shape plant assemblages at the community and macroecological scales. I am also interested in understanding the links between plant biodiversity and human well-being, with a particular focus on the role that evolution pays in this relationship.

Miguel Angel Rodríguez

Universidad de Alcala

My research pursues documenting broad scale patterns of distribution of faunas and floras, as well as identifying the current and historical factors and processes that underlie them. I am also interested on the effects of climate change and habitat loss and fragmentation on species and biotas .

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Herlander Lima

Universidad de Alcalá

I am a PhD Student interested in theoretical ecology and informatics. Currently, my work mainly consists in evaluating the performance of different methods in the analysis of ecological systems.

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Llorenç Sáez

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Senior botanist with research in vascular plant chorology and conservation of phytogenetic resources.

Luciano Pataro

My work focus on the biogeography and conservation of Pteridophyte flora in Europe.

Santiago Pajarón

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Senior Botanist

Carlos Romero-Zarco

Universidad de Sevilla

Senior Botanist