General Instructions

To collaborate in the further versions of AFLIBER, please use our contact form attaching .csv or .xlsx files with your contributions. If you need to upload large files send us an email directly to

Note that, depending on the case, several documents may be needed (if you want a new species to appear, not only the taxonomic information should be provided, but also its related distributional information). Please consider to use the collaboration forms we provide to facilitate data homogenization, and formatting file titles with your name at the end.

For example, if you want to send a new species, please modify “AFLIBER_new_species_BLANK.csv” and send it as “AFLIBER_new_species_<YOUR NAME>.csv”, along a modification of “AFLIBER_new_distributions_BLANK.csv” sent as “AFLIBER_new_distributions_<YOUR NAME>.csv”.


For suggestions or other issues you can use the mail form on the top right corner of the website.